oh, Twilight!

Yes, you have bewitched me mind, body, and soul! I absolutely loved the book Twilight, when I picked it up as an airport read this summer on our way home from our honeymoon.  It was, and still remains, my favorite of the four book series.  I loved the initial interactions between Bella and Edward.  It is the best feeling – because like everything else, I threw myself into the book like I was a part of their love story. 

Today was the first official day that Twilight the movie was released to a cinema near us.  Luckily, my husband read the series after I did and enjoyed them (minus the whole romance part)… so he took me out on a hot matinee day date to see Twilight.  I have been so excited to see this – with all the hype and my love for the series I knew it had to be good.  While I did enjoy the movie and cannot wait for the next two (maybe three?) to come out… I feel there were a few areas that they could improve upon before the next movie. 

1. Edward SHOULD NOT get flushed out in the cold weather.  Hello people! He is made of stone!! He is a vampire… immortal!  There should be no rosey-ness on his cheeks.  Where was the make-up artist on that one?
2. When you are portraying a certain state as the individuals hometown, please try to make their license plate line up with that particular state.  In the Port Angeles scene where Edward saves Bella, his car has an Oregon license plate!!!  I know you’re filming there… but come on!
3. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob!  Either that boy is going to have to have a major, and I mean MAJOR growth spurt before the next movie comes out… because he was barely taller than Bella – or they’re going to have to pick a new Jacob.  Not a huge complaint, because I feel he looked exactly as how I imagined, just a shrimpier version.
4. For Trevor’s sake – the baseball scenes.  He felt, since baseball is near and dear to his heart, that the minor league husband did an awful job in the scene where he was supposedly in batting cages.  He swung and missed once and then the rest of his swings were foul tips.  According to Trev, no baseball player of worth would EVER miss in the batting cages – the easiest place to practice your swing.  He also had a complaint with how Alice pitched, but I won’t get into that.
5. Eye Contacts – even though you knew they had to wear contacts for their eyes to change colors… please try to edit out the lines so that we don’t see them and it looks more “real.”

I think that was about it for the bad – like I said, I really did like the movie.  It inspired me to pick up the book and read it again.  I am a sucker for all things romance, and this movie did provide.  I really do hope everyone who is interested in it does take the time to make a trip to the theatre.  I just hope next time they take a little more care in editing the film.

oh – and James?  Yeah, he graduated high school with my friend Ash! How cool is that??!!?!!?  A local boy makes good!  (Too bad he played James, and therefore his role is finished)

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