Crimson & Gray – you better win today!

Ah, the Apple Cup.  The longest living rivalry known throughout college football (psshhh, whatever Harvard vs. Yale).  While I am a big supporter and lover of my WSU Cougar football team, I can’t help but fear what may happen today.  The Cougars have been at the bottom of the bad football toilet bowl this season and I have been feeling pretty blue for my team.  With all the changes, you can’t hope that this is just a result of an adjusting, re-constructing, re-learning, etc. year.  Today marks the 101st meeting of the two teams to fight for their beloved apple cup… and I sure hope my Cougars can prevail.  By prevail, I hope that they win – or if this is too much to ask, please just put SOME points on the board.  I heard that the Huskies (boo!) only have a 7 point prediction for today… so hey, the Cougs could win!  Everywhere you turn you hear bad slurs about what the apple cup is this year – the Crapple Cup, the Toilet Bowl, etc.  I will be supporting my Cougs today, and thought what better way to leave readers pumped and ready for some football than to recite the Cougar Fight Song for one and all!

Fight, Fight, Fight
for Washington State!
Win the Victory.
We’re going to win this day
for Crimson and Gray!
Best in the West,
You know we’ll all do our best.
On! On! On! On!
Fight till the end!
Honor and glory we must win!
Fight! Fight! Fight!
for Washington State!
And Victory!
W…A…S.H.I…N…G…T.O.N  S…T…A.T.E   C…O…U.G.S  


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