Yep, I’m a gifty!

A couple of months ago, I heard the term “gifty.”  When the word came up, we were discussing “gifties” vs. “cardies.”  I am a gifty, because I love and enjoy gift giving.  Some people may be more of the “cardy” persuasion, if they prefer to give a card filled with a gift card/money.  

The last couple of months have given me time to collect my thoughts on what I want to give my family members this year.  I personally enjoy thinking about what each person loves, his/her hobbies, etc. and then find each individual a gift to match that.  Usually I am able to get some pretty good ideas based off of that, but then there is always one individual that throws me through a loop of confusion.  This year has proven to be fairly simple – even for my family-in-law members!  I have all my ducks in a row, and am going to start collecting everything I need to complete each gift idea.  GO ME!


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