First Official Cahoon Christmas Cards

Today I officially ordered our first married couple Christmas cards!  My family has been pretty habitual when preparing and sending out the annual Christmas cards.  I decided that it was a tradition I wanted to carry on – especially to out-of-town family members that we cannot always see or visit.  I am not sure if I will send a long a letter, or hand-write personal notes to certain people.  We shall see!  I suppose it depends on how much time I have.  I picked a picture that was my favorite from our professional wedding album.  It is a posed picture of Trev and I which makes perfect for a holiday card.  When it came time to choose a website, I had a really hard time!  There are so many options, it took some researchto pick the right one.  I like pretty original things, so in an unoriginal picture holiday card – I was looking for something semi-unique.  In the end, I’m pretty satisfied with what I came up with.  When I get them in I will try to scan one to post on the blog.

First came the Christmas lights on the house, second came the holiday cards… I’m just cruising right a long on a holiday high!  Here’s wishing for a fabulous Christmas holiday season!!


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