rockin’ around the Christmas tree…

img_25632I finally took a picture of our Christmas tree!  I absolutely love the way it turned out this year.  It is a little taller/thinner than the tree we had last year, but I feel that it is just as beautiful.  We stuck with our usual decoration scheme… and by usual, I mean same as last year. ha ha.  It has a bunch of ball ornaments, with a few other types mixed – and they are all in the standard Christmas color scheme (aka red and green). 

This year, however, my husband’s grandma Noanie gave us some of her ornaments.  They are so cool – I love them!  They are a mixture of crystal ball ornaments (not for fortune-telling, but a ball ornament that is made of crystal), crystal bells, the old time ornaments that you can find at stores today at a marked up price… and some wooden toy soldier ornaments.  very cute! 

For the top of the tree, we went with our star again.  Although it does not light up, we chose to go with it.  I also have an angel that could be on the top of the tree instead – but it has random lights that come off of it in different colors that sort of clash with our “scheme.” ha ha.  So until I find that perfect angel that I know is out there, I guess we’ll just stick with the star!

Oh – and the only gift under the tree right now is my sisters!  I need to get in gear and order everyone else’s gifts.  I have them all planned out… they are just online purchases instead of something you can get in the store.  

This weekend I am going to try to take a picture of our house from the street, so that you can see the final results (the lights on the house AND the Christmas tree – which you can see from our front window). YAY!


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