Busy weekend!!

This weekend we really set the bar high with activities!  We had several things we wanted to accomplish, and with our long list – we successfully completed 70% ish. lol.  Hey, that’s a C right?  So, here’s the poo on what our weekend consisted of:

1.  Visit our niece!  My husband and I traveled down for the day (so all of Saturday) to Corvallis to visit baby Brooklyn.  She is so adorable!  Even more so in person.  You forget how sweet little baby hands & feet are!  Also – she smelled wonderful!  I always laugh when people say that… but it is definitely true.  I think it must be the baby powder…

2.  Put our pulls on our bathroom cabinets.  A couple of weeks ago I spent the day painting our cabinets in our master bath black.  I believe I wrote a blog about this… Anyway, to complete the new look of our bathroom cabinets, we decided to buy some brushed nickel pulls & knobs.  It looks great. I will try to post a picture of this soon! 

3. LAUNDRY. LAUNDRY. LAUNDRY.  We had so much laundry built up from the week… if not a little longer than that.  So, my goal was to tackle the two bins.  Mission accomplished.  (fyi – this means fresh, clean, warm sheets!)

4. Clean the house!  When you work during the week, things can get a little messy… so I try to spend a little time during the weekend straightening things up. 

5. Grocery shopping.  We go to the store each week, usually Sunday, to buy items to get us through the week.  It is so much easier following this routine than trying to shop only once or twice a month.  We seem to save more money this way and our meals are planned out exactly how we want them.  This week we have some delicious low-carb meals planned, and tons of beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables. Yum!

6.  Renew library books – I’m currently in the process of multi-tasking.  I am writing my blog, while I’m updating my library records.  Go me!

7. Write/mail out our Christmas cards!  I am actually quite proud of this one.  I sat down this morning and made a list of everyone I wanted to send a card to, as not to forget anyone.  Then, I grabbed our super cute cards and wrote a personal note to each person.  Placed the card in the envelope, addressed each envelope, and I have the cards ready for mailing tomorrow!

8.  Fix our master bath toilet.  This particular toilet has had the tendency to run and has had this problem since we purchased our house over a year ago.  WE FINALLY FIXED IT!  Last weekend we purchased a new seal, but didn’t get around to fixing it before our work week.  Well, while we were working in the bathroom this morning, we checked this baby off our list as well!

Anyway, I think we have had a great weekend and the perfect start to our work week.  Here’s wishing everyone a great week and I promise to keep up on this blog – with the holidays and everything going on, I seem to have skipped a couple of days.  Sheesh!


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