why does my house not have any chocolate?

It is not often that I crave a certain food… but for some reason, chocolate is calling  my name today!  All I can think about is brownies, cookies, chocolate chips, cake, ice cream, ice cream with hot fudge, ice cream with special topping, dairy queen!  Maybe its the fact that I am a girl… or that I am doing extremely well on our new eating plan.  Regardless – why does my house not have any chocolate!?  Ashamed, yet still I will share with you my desperate search for chocolate through our kitchen pantry.  I was hoping for some reason we would have one little piece of halloween candy left over… or something!  But no… we are too healthy for our own good.  I searched high and low… dug through all of our shelves of food… And then I thought to myself – what am I going to do when I’m pregnant?  How am I going to avoid this sweet, sultry food that is calling my name right now – right as I type?  Only time will tell I suppose. 

Anyway, I have just convinced my husband that we are in dire need of some cookies in this house… and he’s game (he says he’s craving sugar cookies).  So, off we go!


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