An evening without internet and tv….

Yesterday as I drove to work, I was listening to a radio program discuss things people couldn’t live without.  Now, I don’t know if they chose the two options, or if there was a poll that they read somewhere with these two options, but this was the predicament they placed on people when they either called or text in…

“If you had to choose one of the following to live without for 2 weeks, which would you choose?  2 weeks without hot, steamy, romantic, passionate sex – or 2 weeks without internet.” 

Now, apparently every guy that wrote in said they could live without the internet, and every woman said the sex.  So, after discussing this with my husband, we decided to try an evening without internet AND tv – a double whammy.  The results were actually quite sad.  We had a nice evening, with a great dinner, good conversation, and some nice reading by our fireplace… but at about 7pm, we were ready for bed!  We had read all we needed to…. updated each other on our days and talked about everything we could think of… but we were both jonesing for some good ol’ internet/tv time!  I wanted to watch some of my dvred shows, as well as write on my blog and check my personal email.  Trevor wanted to play wow and check the weather forecasts.  It was definitely weird!  We ended up falling asleep around 8pm or so.  It was interesting to see how dependent our lives were on internet and tv.  

Now it’s your turn.  I dare everyone out there willing to try this to give up something they think might be easy to live without… how about internet? or tv? or texting?  or cell phones all together?  It could even be junk food, movies, video games, etc.  It just might be harder than you think.


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