she’s either on her period or pregnant!

Um, no!  I am not either, actually.  Let me rewind back to the beginning of this story.  So yesterday I was able to stay home and work, due to the crazy snow weather we have been having in Shelton.  Unfortunately, our at-home work was only approved for 1 day, and I had to actually go in to work today.  The drive this morning was no big deal – slow and easy won the race.  However, it continued to snow on and off all day… hitting the Olympia area pretty hard.  I was released around 3pm, so that I could get home before it got too dangerous out.  However, near mud bay exit at about 3pm, cars were slipping and sliding off the road causing all sorts of issues.  After sitting in it for far too long and discussing things with my mom, I decided to give the back roads a chance and see if I could slowly make it home instead of sit around and wait.  So i hit the back roads to Steamboat Island.  Well, when I almost reached the cut-off road near the animal hospital – we had to turn around and head back to wait.  That was it!  I had had enough of this weather!  I don’t really know how to drive in the snow, let alone really want to at this point anyway.  I hate the feeling of slipping or losing control of my vehicle – so needless to say i was stressing.  I was talking to my mom and just lost it.  Completely, 100% lost it.  I started panicking and yelling at my mom and shaking and just was a little out of control.  My mom tried to calm me down, and once I was a little more calm, she let me hang up.  I called my husband – and lost it again!  He was so worried that he agreed to meet me in Olympia at the west-side Safeway.  So that calmed me down a little bit more… the fact that he was going to come with his brother in his brother’s big ol’ truck and drive me back.  And then I got to think about it – was he coming with Derek?  Oh no my friends – my husband was so worried about me that he didn’t think he had time… hopped in his own vehicle (a passat) and drove 70 mph down the road trying to get to me!  I called him back to let him know my phone was dying – yeah!  To add to things, my cell phone was dying and I do not have a car charger.  Anyway – when I called him back, he told me he was driving himself in his car.  I said NO NO NO and had him stop and wait at the Casino for me to come to him… I didn’t want him to get stuck or hurt trying to make it to me!  Probably about 30 minutes after that, I finally made it onto highway 101, driving about 25-30 mph.  When I made it close to the Casino, I called my husband and had him just get on the highway and follow me back home.  We FINALLY made it home safe and sound about 2 hours after I left work for the day!  Meanwhile, I find out that my mom had been calling my husband telling him how worried she was for me… and that I must be either on  my period… or pregnant.  Apparently those two options were the only ways to justify my mini-panic attack on the road tonight.  And I can pretty much guarantee that if she had been put in the same or similar situation, she would have reacted pretty much the same way.  Oh well!  I’m just glad to be home!!


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