Ah, the New Year is approaching…

Which means it is time to think of ye old traditional New Year’s resolutions.  So this week, before Wednesday, it is my goal to come up with a couple resolutions that I actually NEED to keep and complete before 2010. 

Today’s resolution for 2009:  Step up my photography.  This is something that I have been trying to improve for awhile.  Sometimes I’m on par and have my camera on me capturing our life.  Other times, not so much.  I would eventually like to take up photography as a hobby… but in order to do that, I need to baby-step up to taking pictures of simple things.  Our home, our kitties, the holidays, etc.  This resolution was an obvious one for me.  It hit me when this Christmas, I had both my camera and video camera on me at Christmas Eve and Christmas day events.  Did I use them on either day?  Nope.  I mean, there were tons of people everywhere… tons of opportunities for some great shots.  So, my number 1 resolution for 2009 is to become the amateur photographer I aspire to be!


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