Oh, Ikea! How I love you…

Dear Ingvar Kamprad,

I would like to take a moment or two to voice my absolute LOVE for you and your genius that is Ikea.  When I enter the big blessedly blue building, I feel a mix of emotions.  I’m giddy, exhilarated, amazed, amorous, distracted – all in one.  Distracted you say?  Believe me – it is not a bad thing. 

There is so much to take in and observe, it is hard to focus my attention… but I love it none the less.  I really appreciate each space that is set-up like an actual living environment, while supplying bins of some of the smaller accessories and information on where to find the larger pieces right there at your fingertips.  You make buying your hearts desire as easy as breathing – by having all that you need in one area.  Pure, simple perfection. 

Today I found my heart begin to pitter-patter at the site of your kitchens.  I loved everything I saw – from the cabinets & counter tops, to the simple lighting and accessories that surrounded them.  Everything that I saw was a do-it-yourselfers dream.  You have inspired my husband and I to work on sanding and staining our kitchen cabinets an espresso brown, while lusting over your light white-esque granite & recycled glass counter tops.  We found ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of creativity and even purchased a couple pot racks to re-organize our space. 

Yes, Ikea… I am thankful for you!  It is a day like today that makes me wonder why I stay away so long.  Luckily my husband had a similar experience, so I am hoping to enter through your doors, grab that large yellow bag, and shop to my hearts content someday soon.  

Your faithful customer,


4 thoughts on “Oh, Ikea! How I love you…

  1. Yes you do! I love the little changes we have made so far. 🙂 We kept one blue chair downstairs next to the loveseat, and took the other up to our room for a mini-seating area. I might have to recover the one in our room – I found a tear in it! yikes!

  2. fun! i love that you love to decorate (obsessively change things) too. it’s a fun fetish that is rewarding and fun!! 🙂 did you cover your window seat? oh and we came up with a different idea for our bed upstairs…we’re using doors instead and i’m going to paint them red!

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