What is this dance we’re doing?

Last night my sister alerted me to a random comment she received on the “Paintings” page of her blog.  A certain visitor let her know in a very demeaning and condescending manner that her paintings, which are very creative and original, are (I’m assuming for lack of a better word?) CHILDISH.  Now, this got to me…and was about as far as I could read into the comment.  Even now, one day later, it still bothers me. 

Can someone please explain to me what blogs are for, if not to voice your own thoughts or your own creativeness?  My sister’s blog is HER OWN SPACE where she can go and pretty much say and post anything she wants to – without having to be judged.  And I would expect my page, and even “Mr. Mustache’s” for that matter, to be viewed the same way.  A place for us to blog about what we darn well please.  If I were to stumble across a random blog and didn’t like what I saw, if something did not interest me, or if I disagreed – I would simply leave the page.  What gives “Mr. Mustache” the authority to judge and determine what is or is not quality on someones blog?  Are we supposed to conform to fit his standards of “quality” – or for anyone else’s for that matter?  If so, I don’t think blogs would be as interesting or as popular as they are today.  

I guess the part that really bothers me the most is that “Mr. Mustache” not only left a horrible comment describing the poor quality of her work, but more or less thought it was his duty to educate her on just how horrible and lacking her ability truly is.  I will not go into detail on what he posted – frankly, it’s not worth my time.  All that the comment did for me was leave a bad taste in my mouth and, honestly, a feeling of sympathy for someone so closed-minded when we live in a world that seems to be moving in the opposite direction.

Oh well.  All I can say is that I hope there are not more negative nancies out there like “Mr. Mustache.”  For those of you who are wondering if this is really his name – it is not.  I do not mean to offend – I simply edited it to a name that is similar to his, yet to leave him semi-anonymous.  I’d personally rather not give a name to someone so petty.  “Don’t hate me, kid.”


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