Black Kitty!

For the past two days, my husband and I have had a house guest (or garage guest, rather).  My husband has been cracking the garage door and letting our boys (aka kitties Jack & Raul) out to play.  They have the option to either stay inside the garage or head outside for a bit.  Well, when Trevor tried to get them in yesterday morning, he noticed we had a visitor.  A black kitty!  It is the sweetest, totally lovey kitty… and by his looks you can tell that he is not a stray (darn!).  Anyway, since I haven’t posted any pictures in awhile, I thought I would post a few that I just took of the boys and their friend:

This is the Black Kitty.  He has the tiniest little patch of white on his chest, yellow eyes. 


This is one of our boys, Raul.  He is very frustrated that there is another kitty invading his territory.  He keeps on making weird little sounds and hissing if the black kitty comes too close. 


This is our other kitty, Jack.  He is trying to be friendly to the black kitty… kind of scared of him… but also wants to show him that this is his house and he gets all the attention.  (Don’t you like how I give them human feelings? i.e. Jack showing off, a little jealous, and always curious.)


Not the best picture, but this is another shot of black kitty.  I am not sure who he belongs to around here, but if he doesn’t watch (or my husband for that matter), he may be mine soon!!


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