Hello, my name is Jen, and a Subway employee inappropriately touched my sandwich.

Sunday.  Two days ago to be exact, when my feelings towards Subway changed.  Maybe I should specifiy and say that my feelings changed toward Subway employees and their careless sandwich-making skills?  Hmmm… let’s consider the facts to see why this could happen.  I mean, I am a sandwich girl after all!  Anyway, here my story begins…

After a long day, my husband and I decided that we wanted to head on over to our local Subway and grab some dinner.  This is typical meal for us, most often on Fridays because I don’t usually want to cook after a long work week.  Well, we pull into our front and center parking space and I notice that the girl who will be taking our order is the very same girl that I complimented a couple weeks ago (side note: I told her that I liked her opal ring she was wearing – and she opened up like a book at story time… but that is another story, for another day).  We walk in, say our hellos, and begin ordering.  I order my sandwich first, then Trevor orders his.  For some reason – and maybe it’s because Trev is just so handsome – Miss Subway begins to make his sandwich first, then mine.  No big… except for the fact that when she reaches for all of his toppings, HER RIGHT BOOB RESTS IN MY SANDWICH BREAD.  Bleh!  Of course her boob was covered by her clothing, but still!  You never know how sanitary things are, especially a work shirt with crumbs all over it at 5pm or so at night.  This continues on all the way down until it comes time to finish up Trev’s sandwich.  At this point, when she reaches for his sauce, I almost ALMOST get an arm pit rest on my sandwich.  Double Bleh!  If it had actually touched, I would have asked her to start from scratch.  And even now, as I think about this situation, I almost wish I would have had her re-start when the whole boob sitch began.  But… since I am a push-over and not very aggressive when it comes to putting someone in his or her place, I took my sandwich home and ate it – boob touch and all!  I mean, it was toasted – so maybe the germs disappeared in that glorious toaster oven?  I suppose I can always hope…


2 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Jen, and a Subway employee inappropriately touched my sandwich.

  1. I still can’t believe this. I was literally lol-ing. So funny. And gross. This would only happen to you or I. And I still say she’s totally fancying Trev.

  2. lol, most def. tomorrow night is the night we usually go… but i’m pondering quiznos. 🙂 man-oh-man, gross out.

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