It is sad, but true.  I did forget to write a blog yesterday!  Okay, maybe not so much as forget… but just wasn’t around a computer, and …. well anyway, that’s the past.  Today is a new day – and I’m choosing to write a blog on updates.  Updates on me, updates on blogs I have written in the past… updates.

New years Resolutions… today is January 15th, half way through the first month of the new year and its time to see how I’m doing on my resolutions.  1.  Lose the food baby.  Yep… slowly but surely it is melting away.  My husband and I have been pretty good about what we are eating, limiting portions/calories, as well as going to the gym more often.  I have even dropped a couple of pounds.  2.  Pictures, Pictures, Pictures.  So, I haven’t really had an opportunity to use my camera… no big events or fun outings so far.  I will have you know that I did charge the battery to my camera so it was ready when we thought we were heading down to Bend last weekend – but we ended up not being able to go so, therefore, no pictures were taken.  So this one is still a work in progress.  3.  Keep a clean space.  I am also doing well on this one.  My husband and I are doing a great job and cleaning up our little messes each night before bed, and working together on the weekends to get things organized.  All in all, I’m pretty positive about all three of these resolutions, yippee!

Black Kitty!  He is still around!!  My husband asked a neighbor if he had seen this kitty around or knew who he belonged too… and discovered that Black Kitty is a stray.  He has been sleeping on our neighbors porch at night and they feed him sometimes.  SOMETIMES!  I was bothered by this, so I took my snobbish kitties big fluffy bed that I bought them, which they dislike, and placed it outside for Black Kitty.  I also have some food that our kitties do not like, so I made him a bowl of it and set it outside.  If Trev and I don’t watch out, we might have ourselves another kitty (an outdoor kitty).

Post-Boob Sandwich meal.  I’m not gonna lie – my stomach has kind of been acting up since I ate that meal.  I haven’t been super sick or felt too bad… just not my normal self. 

DIY Projects.  The bathroom is great!  I love the new feel – very modern, very classy, just like me (he he he).  My mom and I are going to work on the window seat cushion this weekend, so that will be the next group of pictures I post.  The headboard is pretty much done, we just have a couple of finishing touches to make and then I will post pictures on that too! 

THE BACHELOR.  Hmmm.  So I am 15 minutes into the show, and I just do not know what to think.  The ladies are a little over the top… and Jason, well he just rubs me the wrong way.  He always has and I think he probably always will.  I’m kind of turned off by the fact that the editors for the show felt it necessary to play the slow, romantic, hero/heroine, sweet, sentimental, beautiful music for the moment when Jason took off his t-shirt poolside for the first time.  Bleh!  But, I’m still watching…

“Single Ladies” – this is my anthem!  I know I may not be single, but I sure do LOVE this song.  Beyonce sure knows how to get my toes tappin… and I can’t help but smile when I think about the video of Justin Timberlake dancing in his manly leotard, nylons, and high heels (see blog).  Hurray!

Hmmm… not sure what else to update on, and I do have the Bachelor playing in the background, so I better just end this blog at that and focus on this heinous episode.


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