Happy post-Holly day!

Hurray – I love birthdays!  Yesterday was my mother-in-law’s birthday and we chose to celebrate tonight at a local restaurant (http://vernsrestaurant.com/).  It was a terrific meal, with great conversation.  In attendance were my mother & father-in-law, grandma-in-law, husband, and I.  We had a couple drinks, fabulous meals – I personally had the spinach ravioli with a garlic sauce (DELISH!) & salad bar – and even saved a little room for dessert (sorry NYE resolution).  Dinner discussion came from a wide range of topics… school life, family updates, sports, and even my BLOG!  It is hard to remember how it came about, but it did.  The best part was throughout the evening, my father-in-law kept on making references back to the blog.  I really wish I would have written down all of the zany comments that were made, but alas, I don’t remember a single one.  They were hilarious, I will give my father-in-law that… and i still have his keyboard typing motion burned into my head.  So, here’s to father-in-law… consider this your blog shout out!  


My hubby love and his momma on our wedding day.  We love you Holly!


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