“Does it take a village to build a window seat?”

Yesterday was a FULL day!  We spent 6 hours working on what has to be the world’s largest window seat.  See, our window seat is 8 feet long… so building one solid cushion takes some patience.  Luckily, my mom and I made it through without having any creative differences.  Hurray!


By the way, I think the most unbelievable find when gathering materials for this project was the fabric.  It is perfect!  I love the texture and the coloring –  it is exactly what I was hoping to find… at Walmart.  Yes!  Can you believe it?  We went to Jo-Anns a couple weekends ago, and I just couldn’t find what I was hoping for – in a reasonable price range.  I wasn’t quite sure on patterns, because I wanted something that would last… something I wouldn’t want to re-do or change in a couple of months.  I did buy fabric, but wasn’t completely sold on it.  Well, yesterday my mom and I went to Walmart to go pick up some batting, and made a quick walk through their fabric section… and I was amazed!  Not only did they have unbeatable prices (come on, its walmart)… but they actually had some great fabrics.  There were a few I was debating between… nice, sturdy, heavy-duty upholstery fabric.  I ended up choosing a green/brown-ish fabric which goes wonderfully with our home (the colors tend to be more natural). 


Now, this window seat has been quite the process… so it’s hard to believe that it is actually finished.  Creating this lovely addition to our home involved many people… 7 to be exact!  My husband and I started with the idea, his mom and dad helped with the design, my husband and I built the window seat, my sister and mom helped with fabric selection, my mom and I made the cushion, and my dad helped me stuff the hand-made pillows that we made with the left-over fabric.  So yes, it really does take a village to  build a window seat!


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