I heart Mary Martha’s.

Wow.  I am in love… with a quaint little boutique here in Shelton called Mary Marthas.  It has to be the cutest little store there ever was – with reasonable prices.  I have been to similar stores, featuring similar things… but find this particular place to be quite a bit cheaper than the rest.  The great thing about Mary Marthas is the fact that she themes out her store.  If you know me, I love anything and everything themed.  Currently she has it all festively decorated for Valentine’s day… not so much themed in “Be Mine” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” gear, but themed in cute little hearts here, flowers there… very feminine and lovely.  I stopped by today after having my hair done by my fabulous mother-in-law, and was in heaven!  So many cute things!!  I did purchase a few items…

a.  A candle holder that says “cherish.”  It is made out of wood, holds 4 candle votives, and is quite lovely.
b. 4 vintage white napkins with pink flowers scrolled throughout the pattern.
c. 1 pot holder in the same print as the napkins. 

I could have bought more… and believe me – I will be hitting up Mary Marthas with each new theme and/or season.  And if you think you have baby fever – do not look at the sweet little hand-knit items she has for babies.  I almost bought a unisex one to hold onto… yeah, that’s bad.  If you ever get the chance, run… don’t walk… to Mary Martha’s.

(Disclaimer:  This is not an advertisement for Mary Marthas.  It is simply a love note, if you will.)


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