Oh snap!

It’s coming!  Are you ready?  As of Sunday… I am.  What for, you ask?  Valentine’s day!  Some of you may be grumbling at this point, and believe me – I was once an anti-S.A.D. individual myself.  There used to be something about this particular holiday that made me cringe – to me, it was the worst day to be single.  The worst day to realize that every other girl was in a relationship, except for me.  All the pink, all the red, all the hearts – it used to make me so miserable.  And of course – my girls and I would all ban together (the single ones, that is) and celebrate by going to dinner and eating all the chocolate in the world while watching terribly romantic movies.  Ahh, those were the days!

While that was only a short period in my life, I still have that urge to cringe when I hear Valentine’s day is around the corner.  I still wonder why we have to celebrate the love we have for one another on just one day, instead of saying it or expressing it every single day.  But – I am a married woman now… which means I have a Valentine for life!  So I can’t help but being excited for this holiday now.  Yes, it is sad but true.  I am pro-Valentine’s day, and I’m not afraid to say it!  I am a self-proclaimed gifty and love buying my husband little goodies.  This year I think will be a great time.  We aren’t doing anything too out of the ordinary, but we will enjoy the day together.  Valentine’s day lands on a Saturday, so we are going to just hang out and do our normal saturday stuff… then get all gussied up and go out to dinner.  Trevor is responsible for planning dinner and anything else he might want to do before that, and I am responsible for dessert!  Of course I am pumped – what girl in her right mind doesn’t love picking out/baking/decorating/etc. a lovely dessert item!?  Yum!  So I ordered the essentials of his gift (which I cannot write on here, for fear wandering eyes will take notice of this particular blog…ahem, Trev) on Sunday and just need to throw everything else together once the day gets closer…..  Oh snap!  


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