Keeping it classy, since 1996.

Have you ever had someone in your life that does the weirdest, most unbelievable things yet somehow thinks they are perfectly acceptable and considered tasteful in our society?  I have and I am here to tell you that it is like a car accident that you cannot help but watch.  I am constantly amazed at the way some people behave.  I may not be the biggest follower of all things etiquette, but to me there seems to be a time and a place for everything.  I can’t really get into the nitty-gritty of this on this post… but trust me friends, I have never been more at a loss for words than I am now.  Today’s discovery was beyond anything this particular individual had ever done before and my jaw literally hit the floor when I became aware of this situation.  I almost feel a bit sorry… it is just so bizarre! 

Okay, now that I have vented and feeling a little better….

On a completely random note, it is the weekend!  I am going to work on collecting some pictures of our headboard – I absolutely love it!  I’ll try to post a few sometime in the next few days.  Also – I got MORE pictures from our wedding (finally), so I will be working on organizing a few… so I may post some of those on here as well.  Hurray! 


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