“Do you know of a good website that I can use to upload my professional wedding pictures into a beautiful coffee table book/album?”

The one thing I wanted from our wedding that I felt was worth the money was good photography.  I wanted to have our day documented with tons of photographs… because as time goes on our memories may fade, but the pictures will remain.  So I picked a photographer that I felt could do the job – and more importantly, one that would give me the copyright to all of the photographs (all 3000 of them!).  I know I will get a standard album from the photog, but I want to make my own classy coffee table book.  I have actually already made several for family members with the pictures that I received from family and friends… but I haven’t quite found the perfect website yet.  The two that I have previously used are and  The books turned out alright, but I guess I’m looking for something a little different… a little more professional?  I’m looking for something possibly leather bound and thick-ish pages (not just photo paper pages).  If you know of any decent websites or have stumbled across anything like this, let me know!


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