Lets go Outback tonight!

Do you all know what this coming Tuesday is?  Both my husband’s and my dads’ birthdays!  Since they share a birthday, we find it easier and more fun to combine birthday dinners into one.  Last year’s birthday was easy.  It was Super Bowl Sunday, so we just had a Super Bowl party and had them both over to watch, eat yummy foods, and have a couple cupcakes.  This year, however, the birthdays fall on a Tuesday.  Trevor’s dad, Bob, prefers to go out to dinner on the weekends rather than during the week – so we chose to celebrate last night rather than Tuesday.  And unfortunately – the Beavers vs. Ducks basketball game was on yesterday at 4:30, so we had to push dinner back until 7:00pm for my dad.  If you have ever eaten at Outback – I’m sure you know that going at that time means waiting about an hour for dinner.  Our wait wasn’t too bad – I think it ended up being around 40 minutes.  Not too bad.  We get to our table, our server comes and introduces herself, takes our drink orders (yummy mixed berry margharita, btw), and leaves.  At this point, I turn to the table and inform everyone that I know the server.  Her name is Amy and we went to Shelton schools together.  They were all amazed by my super ability to memorize one’s face – thank you, thank you – and then we moved on to another topic of conversation.  So at this point, I didn’t think anything of it… I just pointed out what I thought about who our server was and that was that.  Well – when Amy brought back our drinks, Bob (father-in-law) asks her if she graduated from Shelton schools.  Amy sort of giggles and says that she did go to Shelton for awhile, but did end up graduating from Capital.  Bob proceeds to tell her that he thought so and that he had seen her around there before.  At this point, Amy has this super confused look on her face… maybe even slightly scared…and is just nervous giggling.  Bob then clarifies that he was the janitor there and had seen her around when he was cleaning the halls – all lies, btw.  Amy didn’t know quite what to say and was sort of uncomfortable – and I’m sure it didn’t help that the rest of the table was laughing at Bob for being so silly.  At any rate, I think Amy was kind of wary of our table for the rest of the night.  So sorry!  It did turn out to be a great time, though – another set of birthdays successfully completed.  Hurray!!


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