Girls just wanna have fun!


Tonight, a night without my hubby love… and what did I do?  Craft projects!!  Well, I suppose I should clarify and say craft project.  I worked on a baby shower gift for a friend.  I love the way it turned out… and lets just say that this project/present did not help my baby fever!  I now realize that the fabrics/outfit I chose were more or less my style than my friend’s… oh well.  When I asked a couple of weeks ago, she really didn’t have a theme or colors picked out… more or less said she wanted girly things.  Well, she wants girly – she’ll get girly!  I picked fabrics mixed with white, green, and pinks.  In the left of the picture, you will see a hand-made baby blanket.  I made it with one side print fabric in a vintage rose pattern and the other side a soft pale pink fleece.  I stitched around the edge of the blanket with a darker “Barbie”-esque pink thread.  In the right of the picture, is a light pink polo dress – size 3 to 6 months, with a little heart stitched on in the left hand corner of the chest of the dress to match the blanket… thus, making a gift set.  Love it!  Her lil’ bundle of joy will be styling, full of Jen’s flare!  The above picture isn’t the best quality – I had to take it with my cell phone.  But hopefully you can see my high quality work,  Lily (the baby-to-be’s name) will have her own Jen original. – eat your heart out!


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