Just a few things on my mind…

1.  It is the weekend!  I am so happy and ready for these next two days off.  I am officially auditing now and have my quota that I am supposed to meet each month.  Luckily, in my first couple of months before promotion – it is only 15 to 16 audits that I need to complete.  I started off the month of February off with a good start… 5 audits completed this first week.  Go me!  But, I am exhausted!  I think once I get into the swing of things and find my rhythm, I’ll be set.

2.  Cha-ching!  I just prepared our tax return for mailing… refund here we come!  I thought about submitting it via internet, but couldn’t find any sites that were truly “free” and trustworthy.  Oh well, snail mail don’t let me down!  Too bad we aren’t doing anything too fun withthe refund money but paying our bills with our new-found moolah.  I guess that is still a good thing, right?  Hawaii will have to wait until next year, I guess… darn.

3.  Lost!  What a great TV show.  I’m sorry if you were one of the millions of people who started the show at the very beginning, but somehow got frustrated/bored/angry with the show and left it behind… but this season (so far) is the bomb-diggity and my hubs and I are totally trying to predict what will happen next.  I can’t wait for next Friday (we DVR and watch Wednesday’s episode on Friday night)… go to abc.com right now and check it out.  Go!

4.  House projects:  OKAY, OKAY… I know I promised many moons ago to post pictures of our headboard and our master bath.  I’m hoping (cross my fingers) to get around to posting a few of those for you tomorrow.  My goal is to clean the house and finish up my re-do on our upstairs guest bath.  So after that is all said and done… pictures of our cozy family room, upstairs guest bath, headboard, and master bath should be up by Sunday at the latest!

5.  Manicure.  My nails are so hideous right now – I know someone who would cringe at the sight of my cuticles and jagged nails (I know, so gross). **cough**Kimmi**cough**  I plan on removing what is left of my red nail polish and going au-natural for awhile.  Gotta let these puppies breathe.  Too bad I’m all over the short-chic painted nails look right now…

6.  Sewing!  Sad to say, but I have been admiring my work on my friend’s baby gift all week long… and have this urge to sew, and sew, and sew, and… yeah.  I need to think of some projects… the first being a set of curtains with some left over fabric I have.  Easy-peasy.

7.  Pre-Valentine’s Day Potluck.  Thursday, February 12th, my office is having a Valentine’s day potluck.  It looks like people are bringing more of a hot dish/salad/meal-ish item instead of an appetizer/snack item.  So, my goal this weekend is to find something ultra delish to bring that most everyone will enjoy.  A couple of ladies already put their dishes on the list, and so far we have the following:  oriental chicken salad, Honduran chicken tostadas, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  What in the heck goes with those options?  I’ll take suggestions – PLEASE.

8.  “Size 12 Is Not Fat” by Meg Cabot.  I picked up this novel when I was shopping for my dad’s birthday gift last Sunday… and I am truly surprised withit.  Most of you may recognize Meg’s name from the “Princess Diaries” series, but this author actually writes adult books too.  I have read several of them, since they seem to define the very term “chick-lit,” but this book is different.  It still has that chick-lit factor that I love… young girl in her mid-to-late 20’s trying to make it somewhere, dealing withwork, and looking for love… but it has a little mystery/suspense mixed in withit too.  See, the heroin of the novel works at New York University and has had two college girls on separate occasions mysteriously die!  Crazy, I know!  So it is leaving me intrigued to figure out why these girls seem to keep dying the same, strange death… and will our heroin ever find true love in her roomate, Cooper?  Not the deepest of books, but I love it!

9.  Facebook + adults, ages 35 to 50 = huh?  It seems like everyone is joining the phenomenon that is Facebook these days.  Back in the day, which of course was a wednesday, when I joined – you could only have a Facebook if you had a valid college email address.  And then they slowly allowed hs students.  And now, everyone seems to have one – and I mean everyone.  For goodness sakes – Ellen even talks about her page on her TV show, and she just recently learned to email!  I find it sort of ridiculous… and think it has gotten way out of hand.  BUT – will I be deleting my account any time soon?  Heck no!

10.  Last but not least: my blog.  I have been so proud of myself, being able to post something almost every day.  When I first started, I was concerned that I wouldn’t know what to write about… if what I wrote would be “blog worthy” to you experienced bloggers… if anyone would even want to read what I had to say.  Luckily, it looks like I seem to have more and more hits each and every day!  So good news:  this baby is here to stay!


7 thoughts on “Just a few things on my mind…

  1. you’re def. missing out! LOST is unbelievably good this season. it is never too late to play catch-up…

  2. ps. about facebook. you know how i feel. and i hate the adults being on facebook. i’ve pondered quiting it before for this reason. the minute mom befriends me I will. haha

  3. ha ha! i love it… i will quit it too… trev thinks that she’ll have a blog one of these days because of us… 🙂 ahhhh! that would be scary.

    and yes, lets do a mani/pedi sometime before summer… maybe when you get back in May?

  4. haha she would do that! I think I’m going to start a new blog. It’s going to be SDFC. Where I’ll just post pictures of various sdfcs. haha

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