Home. Sweet. Home.

As promised, I did get around to taking a few pictures of some of the projects we have been working on around our home.  I am including pictures of our headboard we made for our bed, as well as pictures of my work thus far on the upstairs guest bath.  This weekend I ended up being way to busy to even touch that bathroom, unfortunately.  So what you see is where we are at so far in there!  I am hoping with the upcoming 3-day weekend I will have some time to work on that project and be able to post the final results.  Anyway, enjoy – and let me know what you think.


A shot from our bathroom – a semi-straight on view of our completed headboard.  We used a fabric that is ivory on ivory, with horizontal stripes.  We then added some molding that we stained the walnut/espresso-ish color of our captain’s bed.


Just a fun shot.  I was playing with the camera and this happened.


A zoomed in shot for a better look.  What do you think?


Like I said, this is a work in process.  This picture mainly shows the new wall colors, as well as the start to my newly painted white cabinets. 


The last shot – this one shows the difference in cabinet colors (left: new, right: old).  I’d like to incorporate the beadboard paneling on that far wall some how… right now it is just leaning against the toilet roll dispenser.  I also have some left over cabinet pulls from our kitchen that I would like to use in this bathroom.  The final touch would be to replace the lovely linoleum flooring with tile… but that might not be for awhile.  And in my wildest dreams – I’d like to replace that ultra fab green counter top with something a little more… now. 

So that’s it!  I’m hoping to post pictures of our master bath and this finished bath next weekend… as well as our new family room/kitchen adjustments.  Gotta leave my dear readers wanting more. ha ha.


6 thoughts on “Home. Sweet. Home.

  1. it looks great! very impressed! 🙂 lets really try to get together sometime this week, even if only after you get off work for a bit. i can actually leave and get coffee sometime around 4:30 when daniel gets home from work. and i don’t remember your kitchen being yellow, so i really want to see the color. i picked up some paint swatches and am not very happy with them. hum…what are you up to tuesday night? daniel’s out, maybe we could rent some girly movies and just veg? 🙂

  2. I love love love the headboard! it turned out so lovely! as for the cabinets i love the white! sooo cute! 🙂 the house is looking quite fancy sister!

  3. a-thank you! 🙂 i’m trying to take this country-ish house and turn it chic! woo woo. 🙂 hgtv, eat your heart out.

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