Just say NO to sNOw.

Before I went to bed last night, the hubs informed me that there was a chance of snow today.  I was pretty disappointed about this, considering the winter we already had.  With sunny days and spring around the corner, I was hoping we were out of the snow-ish days for good this year.  Well, when I woke up this morning – I see a very light, hardly there dusting of snow.  I hop in the shower thinking, no big, get ready for my day… and then the hubs says the following words to me before I leave:

“Drive careful on the way to work today.” 

Huh!?!?  I thought it was a light dusting?  I drive to work, and there is starting to be an accumulation of approximately one inch of snow on the ground.  Not a good thing for my tiny little flats I’m wearing today.  So, to sum up the rest of the day – SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW.  Whenever I glanced outside of my window at work, it looked like we were in a snow globe!  So when it came time to drive home, Olympia had a couple of inches… and when I reached Shelton, there were 6 to 7 inches at our house (btw, when I was driving by Taylor Towne, a news reporter was filming right by the highway… so my jeep was in the news! lol).

Please oh please mother nature, throw us a bone here!


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