you LIGHT up my life!

The 3-day Valentine’s day weekend is almost here, and what do I have on my mind?  Lighting!  We have been working on small projects around our house, and they make me lust after new lighting – I got it bad.  For instance, I look at our lovely new window seat by our dining room table and what do I see?  A cheap light fixture we put up to replace the hideous one that was there when we moved in.  In this area, I would love to get a classic chandelier light fixture that won’t go out of style too quickly, but definitely fits the tone of our home.  I haven’t found one that I absolutely cannot live without, but here are a few options:


 This one is pretty classic.  It looks very laid back and homey.  I think it has nice, clean lines and is very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  I think it would be fun to switch out the lamp shades to create different looks – that would be very compatible with my need to re-arrange things over and over again. 


 This one makes me smile.  I am a very picky person when it comes to lighting – just ask the hubs.  I prefer a glow, rather than a spotlight… so I typically use lamps instead of over-head lighting.  I feel that this chandelier would give off the BEST glow… definitely a contender…

Anyway, I still have a lot to decide, but I know I definitely want to replace our dining room chandelier sooner than later.  I also would like to replace our lighting in our kitchen and family room spaces… I am not sure what i want for those areas, so I will keep you posted on what I find.  I am hoping to fit a visit into a few stores this weekend to check out lighting in-person, rather than online… so we’ll see.  If you know of any good websites or have seen anything similar to what I have posted here, let me know!  I am always up for suggestions.  



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