It is your Birthday.

So today, I wake up to a little surprise – the hubs, who plays on a volleyball team on Thursday night, sprained his ankle!  I vaguely remember him coming home last night around 10pm, showing me his wrapped ankle and ice pack (I am asleep by 9pm)… but I guess it didn’t really hit me until this morning, when he had the most awful pain trying to hobble downstairs to get his phone because his alarm was going off.  When I rolled over to see what was going on and why he was making such awful sounds, I noticed he had barely left the bed and could not move.  I asked him if he was alright, he said no, and that right there was when I determined that I could not go to work today.  See, today was a day off for the hubs.  He had things he wanted to get accomplished today – the biggies being our vehicles oil changes and his VW’s recall appointment.  Since he couldn’t even lay in our bed comfortably, I knew he couldn’t get that all done AND function normally himself.  So, I helped him to the bathroom, made him breakfast/coffee, and took the vw in with the help of my mom.   I have been helping him rotate ice packs and heating pads.  I cleaned the kitchen and brought him some water.  I have been up since 4:45am this morning, it is only 10:28am, and I feel like it is time for bed! 

At any rate – we have been watching some fabulous TV… first being “The Office” of course.  I love that show – I really think that there is nothing funnier on television right now.  Currently, we are watching “The Price is Right” and it is a special Valentine’s day edition.  I am slightly jealous – couples get to go on the show, which means double the brain power when determining those pricing games… and they have some pretty ridunkulous prizes today.  For example, the first couple won a vintage stingray corvette convertible.  CHA CHING!  Wow, now the bidding game to get onto the stage is a Tiffany’s bracelet.  And just the other day I was rolling in the dough on TPIR Wii game.  Darn the luck!


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