Happy Valentine’s day, everyone!  I hope you are having a great day, spending time with those in your life that you love.  The hubs and I decided that today would be a day spent together, enjoying each others company.   We really didn’t have a whole lot planned, other than going out to eat and then sitting by the fire later in the evening watching movies and drinking champagne.  See, the hubs ankle is still pretty much out of commission – so we had to take it easy on activities this year.  We typically don’t do anything extravagant anyway, because love shouldn’t be shared only on Valentine’s day… but, I digress.  

The hubs chose where we would eat, and decided on Alderbrook.  For those of you who do not know, Alderbrook Resort and Spa is this beautiful destination located in Union, WA – just outside of Shelton.  The hubs chose this location because we actually got engaged near there 2 years ago this May.  It is right on the water in Hood Canal, which we love.  We decided to go to a “linner” – a late lunch/early dinner.  So, the morning was spent rotating ice and a heating pad on the hubs’ ankle in preparation for our outing. 

The hubs had planned on getting up really early today and getting flowers for me as a surprise for when I woke up.  Well, plans changed due to his ankle.  He felt really bad about it, but had to ask me to drive him to pick up flowers for me and explained that his plans had been changed as a result of his injury.  We headed to town so he could pick up my flowers and also stopped by Mary Martha’s (check previously written blogs).  While there, I look around the shop finding more than a handful of cute items that I obviously couldn’t live without – and, long story short, the owner of the shop ends up THANKING ME for writing such great things about her shop on my blog!  YEAH!  How funny is that?  I guess I should have figured anyone could read this, but wow – such a small world!  Needless to say, I was pretty thrilled that she had read what I had to say and actually liked it… maybe writing a book might not be too far out of reach after all.

Anyway, here are a few more pictures of our day.  Enjoy!!

img_2833    My Flowers from the hubs!  I love them!!


Kiss by the water out at Alderbrook (we’re actually by the cabins and the tide is out… he couldn’t make it down the long dock with his bum ankle).


A fire pit at Alderbrook – the hubs had me take this picture, because he wants to build something similar in our backyard this summer… I can’t wait!


We had a chuckle about this one!

img_2830Yeah, this picture was a [poor] attempt at a picture of us in front of a man-made waterfall at the resort… but what a great day!!  I love this man!!


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