25 things…

25 things that you most likely do not know about me are:

  1. I cringe at the sound of knuckle popping.
  2. I rarely ever throw out an old magazine.
  3. I can smile, lips parted, without showing any teeth.
  4. I used to be able to speak with a Minnesota accent on command.
  5. If at all possible, I would be a crazy [married] cat lady in an instant.
  6. I have to check my email in a particular order: hotmail #1, hotmail #2, gmail, facebook, myspace, and wordpress.
  7. I have a gum addiction – I chew approximately 2 pieces a day.
  8. I usually leave one load of laundry in the dryer all week long.
  9. I love the smell of men’s cologne so much, that I used to keep a bottle of “Aqua Di Gio” in my fragrance collection.
  10. I love to make Excel spreadsheets.
  11. I have always wanted to wear glasses.
  12. If I could, I would wear sweatpants/yoga pants EVERY day.
  13. I would rather be the passenger than the driver in a car.
  14. I love getting snail mail, even if it is junk mail.
  15. I check out more library books than I can read in the 3-week allotment.
  16. I would rather text than talk on the phone.
  17. I cannot sleep-in past 7:00am.
  18. I can never have too many candles burning at once.
  19. I love watches, have 3 of them, but never wear a single one.
  20. I have been known to play WoW with the hubs.
  21. I can become very competitive playing board games/Wii.
  22. I once vacationed in a particular location because a TV show was filmed there.
  23. I can clap louder than the birthday crew at any festive restaurant. 
  24. Peanut butter + Chocolate = Heaven.
  25. I would love to open my own business someday.

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