So its the weekend, and I’m psyched.  I always start them off with a big bang – or a big list of things I would like to accomplish during the weekend, rather.   This weekend, the hubs and I have decided to devote it to improving our home.  Hopefully the weather will be decent enough during the day tomorrow… because a big ticket item to check off our list is to work in our backyard!  When we moved into our house, our backyard was overrun with plant after plant after plant… in a non-sensical fashion.  Last summer we (and by we, I mean usually the hubs) worked on clearing sections of the yard, hoping to get enough cleared to start planning our heavenly outdoor escape.  So, ideally, I’d like to spend some of our Saturday working on clearing some of the winter debri – a small “spring cleaning,” if you will. 

I’d also like to make those curtains that I have spoken of previously.  I would like to make a set for our bedroom, as well as the kitchen.  We have A TON of material left over from our headboard, so I’d like to utilize it.  Gotta love clearance deals, right?  

Then – there is the upstairs guest bath!  I am more than halfway finished with it… yet I cannot seem to find the drive to finish it.  I suppose Molly’s visit in March should be inspiration enough, right?

Anyway, no matter what we choose to do – I’ll try to take a few pics and post them on here.  Oh, and the hubs wanted me to post this on here… gotta love youtube!


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