The Backyard Dilemma

Our backyard has been a constant battle since the moment we moved in.  The previous owners of our home loved a plant-filled haven, with no room for a patio or a lawn.  That was just not our style… so we started clearing the space last summer, made progress, and yet have so much still left to do. 


We spent today clearing red bricks that formed a pathway around the two giant flower beds that were in the yard.  That was about all the hubs could handle on his ankle at the moment.  But the view above is looking left off of our porch.  We are hoping to eventually get rid of our wooden porch that is attached to our home and pour a cement patio that would extend into the area in this picture.  We want to have a fire pit and an area for grilling, eating, socializing, etc. on nice summer days. 


Then on the right of the first picture, or what is shown above, we would like to have a lawn – and according to the hubs, he would prefer it to be big enough for a volleyball net.  So we’re hoping to work on clearing out this area just a little more before we hire a stump grinder and then rotor till the whole backyard.  My dad actually installed the sprinkler system in my parent’s yard, so we’re hoping he’ll be up to the challenge of doing it in ours as well.

Finally, we are hoping to string up a 6 ft. wire fence in the back and side yards.  Once we have those up, we plan on stringing a couple different types of ivy up and around it to grow and form a more natural looking fence.  Trevor’s family has this type of fence in their yard and it looks beautiful!  We definitely prefer the look to a wooden fence. 

Anyway, these were just a few of our thoughts we had today when we were out in our yard and I just thought I would share!  Consider this our “before” pictures… come fall, hopefully, I’ll have the after shots to share!


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