Le Bain!

Remember way back to November/December-ish when I promised I would post pictures of our master bath?  Well, today is the day!  I was upstairs working on my weekly cleaning – after a delish bubble bath – and decided I would take some photos to post on the blog.  I think in that post I had mentioned that I wanted to paint our cabinets black and hang towel hooks instead of a towel rack… and basically turn our bath into a spa-ish room instead of a out-of-date bath.  The room is still a work in progress, but I thought I would post where we are at.


This is a view of our master bath from our bedroom.  As you can see, we have this massive jetted tub in the corner of the bath, which is great – yet a space eater.  I really do not want to get rid of the bath in this room, but I would love to figure out a different floor plan if we could.  Oh, and lay down some tile instead of the lovely floral laminate that is in place currently.


Our cabinets with a black paint job!  I love the way they turned out… and I think we picked out the perfect hardware.  It is amazing how a little paint can go a long way – these cabinets used to look so dated, and now they look brand new!


The bathtub up close – I took this before I took a bath… gotta love the candles!


On the right of our tub is the toilet, towel hooks, shower, and towel storage shelves.  We actually would like to take out the storage shelves, or make that area smaller in order to increase the size of our shower.  I used to house-sit for a couple that had two shower heads in their master bath, and I have wanted that for myself ever since!  We do have a new shower head to replace our current standard shower head, so that will do until we can do a bigger remodeling job.  I also would love to replace the shower door – it needs to be replaced BAD. 

Anyway, there it is!  Our master bath as it currently stands… our almost spa-ish room!


4 thoughts on “Le Bain!

  1. i love it! 🙂 fun and cozy. love the candles in the corner of the bath and the black really does look good on the cabinets. go you! did you paint the photo above your toilet? maybe i should comission you somehow to paint something for our house…hum…i love knowing who did the paintings instead of just finding random stuff, but it’s so hard to find people who actually like/can/will paint. 🙂 lol

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