How to treat a sprain, husband style.

  1. Even though you can barely move the day after the sprain, walk circles around the house to “loosen” up the pain.
  2. Barely put your ankle on a raised, elevated surface.  In fact, keep your body weight on it or in a 90 degree angle with your foot on the floor.
  3. Attempt to put on shoes even though your foot/ankle is more than double the size it is normally.
  4. Completely ignore the ice/heating pad rotation.
  5. Complain to your wife about how much pain you’re in, but only when she asks.  Otherwise, suck it up like a man.
  6. NEVER take more than 2 Advil.
  7. Take the stairs in your house at your normal pace.  Do not slow it down or take it easy.
  8. Only take the “walking boot” as a suggestion, instead of a recommendation.
  9. Kick the pillows out of your bed, so you don’t have to elevate your ankle when you sleep.  Blame it on your inability to sleep in one position through the night.
  10. MOST IMPORTANT:  Be sure to practice your volleyball jumps.  This proves you are strong and ready for action.  Ankle still swollen? Yes, but you can jump with the best of them. 

All jokes aside, the hubs ankle is getting better… I just thought his “manly” way of treating it was too funny not to share.


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