“Oooh, I think I smell a blog!”

When I grabbed for the most current issue of Vogue, I noticed that there was the most beautiful fragrance coming from within the pages.  I just had to figure out what it was.  So that was it – I was on a mission!  I flipped through about 8 or so other fragrance samples, because you know – a magazine cannot have just ONE fragrance sample.  The first few were just not right… the scent was either too strong, too musky, too light, too fruity… too wrong.  Until finally – there it is!  I stumble across the most feminine and floral scent… the one that I have been searching for!  Vera Wang Bouquet.  To be sure, I peeled back the sample to get a better smell.  I lean in, bring the magazine up to my face… and BAM!  It happens!  I give myself a paper cut on the nose.  Yep, I definitely smelt this blog…

2 thoughts on ““Oooh, I think I smell a blog!”

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