Kayaking in February? Sure!


Yesterday afternoon the hubs and I went kayaking with some co-workers of his.  Being that it is only February and that it snowed on Thursday, we pretty much had the inlet to ourselves.  This trip was a short one, putting in at Arcadia point and circling Hope island.  It was beautiful!  The water was smooth as glass – and once you got moving, it wasn’t too bad temperature-wise.  Anyway, I always say I am going to take my camera when we go, but have yet to actually take pictures… until yesterday.  So here are a few pictures of our little trip:


The hubs and I shared a tandem kayak – I am in the front, so this is my view.  This boat was actually made by one of the hub’s co-workers, Steve, for a man with the last name Valentine (hence, the heart). 


The hubs, in the back half of our kayak. 


There were 5 of us that went, and I was the lucky duck that got to use the non-wood/hand-made oars. 


Another shot of the gorgeous craftsmanship. 

Some may think that we are crazies for wanting to go out in the winter… but when you get a chance to go kayaking in one of those beauts, you can’t help but say yes!

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