Moto Q9c, part deux.

Coffee and cell phones do not mix.  This is something the hubs and I learned tonight.  We were just sitting on our couch, enjoying some TV and each others company… and it happened.  His phone slipped from out of his pocket and into a full cup of fresh, hot coffee that was sitting on the floor below the couch.  He was so bummed!  The coffee left an interesting trail in his cell phone screen – you could actually see little droplets inside of it… it was almost like a 3D wallpaper, of sorts.  I wasn’t sure if I should laugh or if I should feel for him.  I knew we bought our phone insurance for little bumps in the road like this, but I didn’t quite expect to use it so soon!  Anyway, we did submit a claim for the hub’s phone and he should be getting his new phone in two days.  Until then, the hubs is cell phone-less… and some may say, “what else is new?”


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