Procrastinate, much?

My laptop is relatively new, but has had several issues that should not occur with a new-ish computer.  Since my laptop was purchased post-college, I really only use it to surf around on the Internet.  I did have two games, which shall remain nameless, that were installed but have since been removed in order to try to “fix” my problem.  At any rate, this good ol’ trusty laptop has been alerting me for the past several months that I have less than 10% hard-drive space remaining and that I should work on the problem STAT.  Unfortunately, I only had a handful of programs and less than 100 pictures on my computer… so the space situation should not have been an issue.  Thinking that I could just re-install my computer system and start from scratch, I had hoped to insert my system cds into my laptop and get the job done.  Well, I determined that there were two problems to this logic:  I somehow misplaced my system start-up discs and my cd/dvd drive stopped working.  Even if I had wanted to start from scratch… I couldn’t.  My laptop doesn’t recognize this drive.  So, in a nutshell, I was screwed.

….Until, the blessed store that I purchased my laptop from sent me information on how to renew/extend my warranty.  WHAT!  I had been thinking that this warranty was up many moons ago, and had therefore been putting off the trip to into the store because I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for them to tell me nothing was wrong.  So tonight the hubs and I ventured out to the mall in order to pay a visit to the local Geek Squad.  The two main problems that we addressed tonight were the computer’s hard-drive space (or lack there of) and the non-existent cd/dvd drive.  Luckily, they fixed my hard-drive space issue like it was child’s play… but apparently the cd/dvd drive was not covered by my warranty (figures).  The geek (is that what an individual geek squad employee is called?) informed me that I could go to and simply fix the driver issue for the cd/dvd drive with new installation.  I guess next time I have an issue with a purchase that comes with a warranty, I should just bite the bullet and head into the store immediately instead of procrastinating!


3 thoughts on “Procrastinate, much?

  1. seriously! i would love a mac… trev has a macbook pro laptop from college that i’d love to re-vamp…. 🙂

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