Spring Fever.

I am so excited that next Thursday marks the first day of Spring.  Hurray!  I even highlighted this fact on my desk calendar at work – and I’m not even joking.  If you took a look at it, you would see my hopefulness jump right off the page.  This winter has been a rough one, full of snow and stormy weather.  We even had a touch of snow earlier this week… and I’m just done with it.  Today wasn’t half bad… in fact, it almost made me believe that Spring is right around the corner.  Although cold, it was sunny and beautiful out.  My mom and I went for a walk around the lake by my house and it was pretty darn fab.  And even now – as I sit here and write this blog at 7:10pm, the blue sky is still out.  With the daylight stretching longer into the evening, I feel like I actually get to enjoy it during the work week.  The hubs said I was overly smiley yesterday… I think this sunshine-y weather is making me a little more chipper!  Double Hurray!!


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