“Sew, I says to the guy…”


Tomorrow we are having Cindy and her hubs [Daniel] over.  The guys have plans to play some video games and we decided that it would be fun to sew.  I have several projects that I would love to attempt: curtains, roman blinds, more pillows, and of course – a quilt.  I think this will be my project tomorrow… I would love to throw some of my left over fabric together to form a fun throw quilt for our family room.  I have some of the fabric left over from our headboard project, as well as some fabric I didn’t end up using for our window seat… so I may utilize those pieces as well.  The picture above shows some fabrics I really liked.  I do want to do the whole “eclectic” style of quilt, so I may end up finding more fabric to complete the look.  It seems that I am drawn to floral fabric, so I need to grab another print to break it up.  I’ll try to post my progress, so check back tomorrow!


2 thoughts on ““Sew, I says to the guy…”

  1. i love the bottom print! was that the one for the window seat? cute. getting excited to sew! can’t decide what i want to do though! to many projects on hand…hum…but i do have to say, i’ve always wanted to make roman blinds! we should look for a tutorial online and try and tackle it sometime! 🙂

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