Throw Quilt: Day 1

If you read my blog yesterday, you already know that I wanted to amp up my sewing skills and try my hand at making a throw quilt.  There were several fabrics that I was really drawn to, so it was hard to really decide what I truly wanted to do.  I posted a picture of the random fabrics I already had.  I didn’t end up using all of them, but did add a few additional pieces to make things a little more interesting.  Cindy came over and we really got a great start to what I think will turn out to be a pretty sweet beginners quilt.  Hurray!

img_29871img_29771[I know it is currently 11:12pm, but I will most likely work on this  a bit longer tonight, and again in the morning – so check back for more updates soon!  I guess this is what happens when the sewing bug bites you…]


One thought on “Throw Quilt: Day 1

  1. go you! loving the color choices. 🙂 we need to do this again SOON. i’m so stoked i actually pulled out our quilt and got some progress made. yes!

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