I decided to give Craigslist another shot today.  I peruse the website from time to time, but am not very religious at it.  I suppose if I were, I might find some truly fab deals like several people I know.  For instance, my sister-in-law is amazing at finding Craigslist treasure.  Whenever we go to her home and I say that I like a particular piece of furniture, her response is always “Craigslist.”  She tries to check the site every day, which is more than I can say.  

So, with expectations at an all time high – I pull up the website.  I usually start with furniture, so I clicked that link and the search began.  Unfortunately, nothing caught my eye tonight.  I find it hilarious the way that some people label their items for sale.  When you see the words “almost new,” you want to really believe that the link you are about to click on will lead you to an item that might be somewhat modern in design.  Oh well.  Before I left the site, however, I did stumble across this amazing add in the “free” section:


Free Red Brick (Yelm )

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]
Date: 2009-03-13, 12:59PM PDT


Free red brick from a fireplace. Located at 213 Yelm Ave W Yelm, Wa 98597. On the corner of Yelm Ave and Edwards St. Please call 360-870-9893. 


I couldn’t help but laugh at this one.  Who seriously is giving away ONE red brick from a fireplace?  And why would they post it on Craigslist?  I love it!  Too bad my fireplace is intact, otherwise I might have to jump on this awesomeness.

One thought on “FREE!

  1. HA! That’s great. People post the weirdest stuff – I found a free llama on craigslist in Tri-Cities.

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