The completed quilt.

As promised, here are a few pictures of the finished throw quilt.  I think the next throw quilt I make will be a tiny bit larger – this one is barely big enough for me and definitely a little small on the hubs.  

img_3009Here is half of the quilt.  I tried to get the hubs to model it for me, but he resisted.  The larger squares are 8 x 8 and the smaller squares are 5 x 5.  I really do like the look.  Very simple, yet eclectic and fun.

img_3013The back-side of the quilt.  I didn’t quite have enough backing to have one solid piece, so I had to make that little quilt heart square in order to hide the addition of fabric.

img_30071A close-up of the heart square.  

Hurray!  I love my new-found hobby of sewing.  I have several plans in the works… the first one on the list being a throw quilt for my mom for her birthday.  She really liked this one and was sad when I said it wasn’t hers.  he he he

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