Although this may not be a current picture, I just wanted to take a few moments to share with everyone that our local drive-in is getting ready to open up for their movie season!  Can I get a hip-hip-hurray?  I am psyched about this.  Not so much because I am the biggest drive-in movie fan [I think we’ve gone once in the past 2 years], but because this means that lovely outdoor weather is coming soon!  The drive-in is scheduled to open THIS weekend, showing “Mall Cop” and “Twilight.”  I could hardly believe my eyes when I saw the board today [as pictured left, just imagine different movie titles and an opening date listed].  For those of you who have never been but live in the area – I strongly suggest you try the drive-in this summer movie season.  It can be fun, especially if the weather is nice and you get a big-ish group of people to go… all sit outside, bring bbq, toss the good ol’ pig skin before the featured films (yes, two movies for $5-ish bucks) – the drive-in is definitely an American classic.  And what’s even better – it is just one more activity available for us Shelton-ites to consider when trying to find something to do.  Click here for the website, if you’re interested!


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