It’s raining. It’s pouring.

Well, shoot.  This weekend the hubs and I were planning on working in the backyard – my fabulous mother-in-law got us the hook-up with a stump grinding service.  This means that our backyard is ready to rock and roll as far as our landscaping plans go.  We were hoping to remove a few more red bricks (the previous owners had a red brick pathway all over the yard) and then rototill the entire area in preparation for our lawn/cement patio.  Now that it is pouring, I think I will stay inside… and work on my sewing!  I am working on a quilt for my mom for her birthday (April 25), even though she just announced to me last night that she wants to make a quilt over her spring break this coming week.  Boo.  Oh well, sister reminded me that she’ll still like the quilt I am making for her.  Oh – speaking of sister – Kimmi made an apron for our mom for her birthday, which she posted here on her blog.  She ended up not using all of the fabric and so I am going to utilize some of it into the quilt I’m making for mom.  Hurray!  I will post a picture once I am a little further along on that project!  I also am hoping to re-cover some pillows, so that is on the list of things to do as well.  Maybe this weather is not such a bad thing after all…


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