“I be up at the gym, just working on my fitness…”

Tonight my mom and I met up at the SAC for a workout.  While on the elliptical, I had the choice of looking through magazines, watching some hunting show that was on the TV in front of my machine, or listening to the music playing in the club, as my iPod is not currently charged.  So, I settled on people-watching and listening to the music playing at the club.  There were some pretty interesting choices that were played, but I noticed that it seemed to be more of a mellow music night… which is not what I expect to hear when working out.  I prefer something fast-paced, peppy… it can be rock, pop, rap, r&b… whatever.  Just as long as it gets my heart pumping!  Well, I’m doing my thang and I hear this song come on the radio:


[I would have posted the video, but silly youtube is disabling that option]
Anyway, I LOVE THAT SONG!  I remember hearing it on a commercial awhile back… most likely on a Zales commercial or something.  But I love it.  And I was so pumped to hear it, that I surprisingly moved faster during it than the rest of the evening.  I love it, and I am definitely going to download it so that when my Pod is finally charged, I can listen to it while working out whenever I want.  Now that will make an interesting workout mix…

OH, and sort of funny story.  I called my sister on the way home to see what she was up to, and I was in such a dorky mood, that I thought about singing “Single Ladies” when she answered the phone.  BUT.. I didn’t, and told her that I had thought about it instead.  So I sang the chorus: “All my single ladies!” and she responded with “duh duh duh duh duh duh.”  I questioned her “duh duh’s,” and she told me she was singing the tune of the song!  lol.  Random silly blonde moment.  Needless to say, we had a good laugh about it.

One thought on ““I be up at the gym, just working on my fitness…”

  1. haha reminds me of when you woke up singing that song. so funny. this one comedian was talking about beyonce saying she has this amazing power where the first time he here’s a song by her he thinks, “wow that’s lame” then 30 listens later when it’s over played he likes it. That’s how i feel about this song. 🙂 were you with me when i heard that comedian?

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