Lil’ Lovin’!

So, this weekend – after much debate with my mom and my sister – we came to the conclusion that lil’ nugget should be called lil’ love instead…. or Baby.  The reasons being:

  1. Lil’ nugget sounds masculine – sister is really hoping for a baby girl!
  2. Lil’ nugget sounds gross – like a little nugget of something you don’t wanna have.
  3. Lil’ nugget does not bring warm fuzzies to you when you mention it in a sentence, like lil’ love or baby do.

Therefore, from this point forward, I will do my best to refer to our baby as “lil’ love” or “baby.”  

Oh, and shopping with my mom, sister, and Cassie – not so good!  We walked away with a few little items already.  I think it will be hard for me to hold off… the hubs will definitely have to keep me line.  The good thing is, is that I don’t really like a lot of unisex things…. so I think I’ll be fine, until we determine if it is a boy or a girl!  At that point – I may be in trouble.  Grrrrr to those stinkin’ cute baby clothes and accessories!

3 thoughts on “Lil’ Lovin’!

  1. chicken nuggets is what kept coming to my mind! i couldn’t help it! 🙂 and holding my friends new new baby made me excited for you and all that is in store for you guys in the future! it’s crazy! (such a GOOD crazy!!)

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