Orange Facial?

Here’s a story for you.  Tonight, after enjoying a delish dinner, we sat down on our couch.  While anticipating our walk and finishing the episode of “I Love Money 2” that we had dvr’d, the hubs decides he needs to enjoy a clementine orange.  After getting up to grab one, he so casually comes back to the couch, sits down, and begins peeling his orange.  Meanwhile, I’m checking my usual websites and updating my facebook.  The hubs… begins to wipe his orange peel on the heel of my foot.  I stared at him with a look that could only say “um….what the…?”  No idea where he got that from, but he just started laughing when I questioned his behavior.  So.  The show is almost over and we’re about to go for our walk, and the hubs holds his orange peel in front of my face and tells me to look at it.  Being the fool that I am – I look RIGHT at the orange peel.  The hubs then proceeds to squirt left over orange juice on the peel INTO MY EYES.  While I am frantically rubbing my eyes and telling him it burns, he starts laughing and informing me that he had “meant to only squirt it in my face.”  Yeah, whatever.  Let’s just say that someone owes me a shoulder massage tonight BIG TIME.


3 thoughts on “Orange Facial?

  1. lol – trevor says “you’re next kimmi.” i’d watch out if i were you… he has a mango, and he means business!

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