DIY, baby style!

Being a new mother-to-be, I have been fascinated with all things baby.  I love perusing websites about pregnancy, babies in general, or even blogs written by mothers.  So much information!  I have even started to think about how I want to prepare for our little one and all of the fun things I can do to celebrate lil’ love.  Sister is still super excited and has me feeling some hippie love towards my baby – we are planning to buy some cheapo onesies and tie dye them!  I’m going to double check, but I’m pretty sure I can tie dye still.  #1: there are no fumes.  #2: the kits come with plastic gloves.  So I’m sure if we are careful, there really will be nothing to worry about.  The hubs also has a project in the works… he is going to brush up on his carpentry skills and help a fellow co-worker build our baby’s crib.  No need for concern – he will be working with a co-worker that is a skilled carpenter and has made several cribs for friends and family.  The hubs sent me these pictures to show me the pattern his co-worker has used before.  

LOVE it!  We can choose to stain it a darker color, use darker wood, etc.  I definitely know that I do not want to paint – personalized wood work like that should not be hidden!  I love the fact that the hubs will have helped create something this important for our child.  The hubs has actually inspired me to sew the baby’s crib bumper, crib skirt, and quilt (I think I’ll buy the sheets).  My mom informed me last night at family dinner that she actually made all of the above for my crib and that it is super easy – so she is going to help me design my pattern when the time comes!  So excited!!  Of course, my work will have to wait until we find out if it is a boy or a girl… or twins.  

Anyway, I’m 6 weeks along today… hurray!


6 thoughts on “DIY, baby style!

  1. YAYYYY! I can’t wait! Lil’ Love is already so spoiled!

    Also, I commented you back on my blog but thought I’d say it here too, I think this summer you, me, trev should go down to Bend house, and that way you could meet my geek. lol

  2. oh, and tie-die is super cute on little babies! my mil bought sammy some little tie-die onesies from the olympia farmers market and some little pants too. i never would have thought of it, but he just looked so dang cute in them! have fun with it. 🙂

  3. Jen, this is totally random. This is Heather from Stevens (and like, ages ago). I saw your crib post, and that is the same exact crib my dad made for my daughter! He also made the matching changing table. I love it, it’s sturdy and looks nice, and will hopefully last until she’s old enough for a big girl bed. I highly recommend it! We also went with a darker red/brown stain.

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