Welcome Back!

I know that is what you are all thinking, right?  Although I haven’t been gone for that long – only a couple of days – it seems like eternity.  This blog was created with one goal in mind; to write something down, no matter what or how crazy it is, every single day.  Ooops.  Oh well, I promise I’ll try to do a better job about this.  We have several things coming up this week, of which I’m hoping to document on my blog:

  • My first OB appointment is this Thursday – Hurray!  I am very excited to go… I have a lot of questions and am thrilled to be able to plan my prenatal care. 
  • My mom’s birthday is this Saturday.  However, my parents are going to go to Portland this weekend, so I am thinking I will take the quilt and some flowers to their house at family dinner night this Wednesday.  I did finish the quilt – it is a combination quilt/fleece.  I wasn’t liking the way the quilt was going and how long it was taking… so I added a quilt back as well as a fleece border around the quilt on the front.  I took a cell pic to show sister, but when I uploaded it to my computer it was super blurry.  So when I wrap it tomorrow night, I’ll go ahead and take a few pics to share on here.
  • On Friday, the Parsons are coming over for a sewing/video game night.  I am pumped about this – I am thinking of starting a little baby throw quilt… with unisex fabric.  So that will be fun.  I am excited to see how far along Cindy is on her quilt.  Hopefully she’ll bring it to work on… hint, hint.  [ha ha ha]
  • This Saturday, the hubs and I had planned on stopping by and seeing new momma and poppa Susan and Mark.  The hubs hasn’t seen baby Lily yet, so we figured we’d give them some time to settle before we ran on over – especially since she has had some troubles and has been in and out of the hospital all week/weekend long.  Hopefully we will still be able to… but it may have to be after softball.  
  • The hubs is so pumped… it is very cute.  He found a softball team to join this year, since his previous team will not be playing this year.  We’re thinking this team will be a little more competitive and put together… so we will see.  It is a tourney team up in Tacoma, but they travel all over Western Washington to play.  There are about 20 tournaments this summer on the weekends, with a potential world series game in Florida!  Heck yeah… here’s hoping his team kicks some major butt!
  • And last, but certainly not least, ABC Family is airing a new made-for-TV movie tonight… “My Fake Fiance.”  When I heard the previews yesterday on TV, I was vaguely interested.  I mean, I love bad TV movies.  Then, I saw who the star of the movie was:  MELISSA JOAN HART!  I couldn’t help but think that this movie sounds strangely familiar to her other ABC Family movie, which I talked about last Christmas.  At any rate, I will be DVRing this movie and will let you know how it is.  Below is picture for the movie: 

I am hoping with so much going on this week that I will be able to fill you all in on everything, especially with pictures.  Hurray!

2 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. Oh i watched it… and loved it… melissa joan hart still gotz it.

    As for that dress with the green sash… not so much. And joey lawrence’s face looked really stiff and made up through out the whole thing.

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